No socket

The major advantage is its absence. This ensures prosthesis always fits comfortably, always attaches correctly and is always held firmly in place regardless of activity level, fluid fluctuations, perspiration levels or weight loss/ gain and it also allows a natural look in clothing.

Regaining Osseo perception

Following osseointegration surgery the patient regains the sense of propeoception which is the unconscious perception of the position of the body movement and spatial orientation in relation to the external environment. This means they feel the ground beneath them as they walk, and are able to differentiate between different surfaces such as grass, carpet, tile and sand. This allows for safer and more confident movement in dark/ unfamiliar areas.

Easy and secure attachment

Donning and doffing the prosthesis is very easy.

Muscle & Bone Strengthening

Walking with this system allows for the natural loading of bone, which encourages bone growth. Muscle strength is developed freely and walking requires significantly less physical exertion.

Improved femur position and gait

Following osseointegration, femur position is improved and muscle use and control increase. This results in a more natural walking gait. Improvements in range of movement and natural pivoting in the hip and knees also contributes to improved gait.

Full freedom of movement

The system allows for full freedom of movement from walking to cycling and other recreational activities. Movement is no longer restricted by the protruding edges of a socket allowing for a greater ease and comfort when sitting, standing, walking or engaging in vigorous sports activities such as speed cycling or rowing.

Cost saving

With this system the need for frequent sockets and associated accessories is eliminated which in the long run represents significant cost benefits.